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A glimpse into our daily lives as we go through our adoption journey . . . Eric: the husband, the daddy, the Senior Buyer, the wise one, the king of patience, the man of the outdoors, the funny guy . . . Laura: the wife, the mom, the educator, the reader, the organizer, the yoga practicer, the blogger . . . Kyler: the son, the older brother, the Second grader, the thinker, the soccer player, the writer and artist, the Lego builder . . . Kacin: the son, the younger brother, the First grader, the swimmer, the comedian, the car expert, the cuddler . . . us.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Eric's dream is to have a farm.
And both of our boys love animals.
I am the odd one out.
But we found a compromise that makes everyone happy.
That's right.
Eric gets his farm animal.
The boys get their animal to raise and care for.
I will get fresh eggs in a few months.

We got them as chicks.
The first four we named
Queen Amidala,
Mr. President,

They lived in a box in the garage
until they got big enough 
to go out
into the chicken coop
that Eric built for them.

And then the boys in my life 
all decided we needed two more.
So Elvis and Oreo joined the flock.

These boys take good care of their chickens.

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